Cinnamon and honey for arthritis

Arthritis patients may take a cup of Cinnamon and Honey in the morning and night. Mix two spoons of Honey in lukewarm water with half a teaspoon of Ceylon Cinnamon powder.

If you do not like the taste of the Cinnamon and Honey Tea you could just mix the two table spoons of Honey with half a tea spoon of Ceylon Cinnamon and consume the paste. This paste could also be applied on the joints to relieve pain.

Find out how you can identify Cinnamon from Cassia and never be fooled by Cassia again.

Why Cinnamon and Honey works on Arthritis

The antiseptic and protective attributes of each ingredient are well-respected, and science is continually uncovering anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other additional benefits from each of them. However, combining Cinnamon and Honey together seems to enhance their value as natural remedies beyond what they can do alone.

Why Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon has 1250 tims less coumarin than Cassia which is sold as Cinnamon in the USA. Ceylon Cinnamon has been substituted for so long with lesser versions of itself like Cassia that many people have no idea how different they actually are. This confusion is furthered by many people selling the substitutes as Ceylon Cinnamon and many consumers purchase them as they are none the wiser. Read customer reviews on Ceylon Cinnamon from around the world.


You could store the Ceylon Cinnamon in your refrigerator for up to two years from purchase.