Cinnamon and Honey for weight loss

All you need to know about Cinnamon and Honey.

Cinnamon and Honey formula for weight loss.

1) Boil one cup of water ( 8 ounces of water). Pour the lukewarm water over half a tea spoon of Ceylon Cinnamon and cover and let it steep for half and hour.(30 minutes) .

2)Add two spoons of honey now that the tea has cooled. Never add Honey when it is hot as the heat will destroy the enzymes and other nutrients in the raw honey.

Drink one cup in the morning half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach. Follow the same routine at night half an hour before bed time.

Ceylon Cinnamon has been linked to weight loss because the spice stimulates, or increases, the metabolism of glucose. Glucose, or blood sugar, is a main source of energy and affects how hungry or energetic you feel."

A benefit of cinnamon is its ability to delay food from progressing through the digestive system. Food is delayed in the stomach and, as a result, leaves you feeling full for a longer period of time. This results in a reduction of hunger and causes you to eat less.

In addition to satiation, the active compound in cinnamon is methyl hydroxy chalcone polymer (MHCP) and works to increase glucose metabolism, according to the USDA. Your blood sugar level determines whether you burn fat or store it. Increasing your glucose metabolism through the use of cinnamon tablets burns excess glucose, which is stored as fat in your body.

Conclusion - In short, feeling less hungry and burning excess glucose more effectively equates to eating less and losing weight.

Ceylon Cinnamon has 1250 times less coumarin than Cassia which is sold as Cinnamon in the USA. Ceylon Cinnamon has been substituted for so long with lesser versions of itself like Cassia that many people have no idea how different they actually are. This confusion is furthered by many people selling the substitutes as Ceylon Cinnamon and many consumers purchase them as they are none the wiser. Read customer reviews on Ceylon Cinnamon from around the world.


You could store the Ceylon Cinnamon in your refrigerator for up to two years from purchase.

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